A New Way to Manage Your Health

RevUp Chronic Care Management Program

RevUp Chronic Care Management Program

Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Associates (PCCMA) is excited to offer RevUp, a new way for patients with Medicare coverage to manage their health!

What is RevUp?

RevUp is a Chronic Care Management Program designed to help you stay connected and be supported between your PCCMA doctor visits.

You’ll be assigned a personal care team including a nutritionist, dietitian, physical therapist and nurse. The care team is available to answer your questions, provide health recommendations and coordinate with your doctor when necessary.

Think of this team as your health coaches and advocates, who can help keep you on the right track to manage your condition.

How does it work?

With RevUp, you can track your health online from home by logging your weight, blood pressure, blood sugar and more. Studies show that patients who actively track their health data see improvements in their health.

How can it help?

In many cases, RevUp has prevented health problems from progressing and even prevented visits to the hospital. Even if you’re in a good state of health now, RevUp can help you stay that way by monitoring your condition and providing suggestions about nutrition, pain management, exercise and more.

In short, RevUp will help you take charge of your health.

How do I get started?

For more information talk to your PCCMA provider or call 717-234-2561.

*Like all Medicare Part B services, a co-insurance payment is required. If you have a Medi-Gap-type supplemental medical policy, you may not be responsible for any payment. Patients who have not met their deductible for the year may be responsible for meeting their yearly deductible first, if they do not have secondary insurance or if their secondary insurance does not cover deductibles. Regardless of your insurance coverage, the front desk will be able to provide additional information regarding any billing concerns. You can call the front desk at 717-234-2561.

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