Controlling Asthma During Spring

Controlling Asthma During Spring

The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming … and pollen is filling the air. While springtime is a season of rejuvenation, it also brings about a spike in asthma attacks, especially when pollen counts reach high levels. Cause of Springtime Asthma Attacks When flowers, weeds, trees, grass and other plants bloom in springtime, they […]


What is Oxygen Therapy?

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy, also known as supplemental oxygen, is the use of oxygen as a medical treatment. Oxygen is used to treat hypoxia (deficiency in the amount of oxygen reaching body tissues) or hypoxemia (an abnormally low concentration of oxygen in the blood). Hypoxia and hypoxemia can be the result of a wide range of conditions […]


Detecting and Treating Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer Treatment

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the United States. Lung cancer is most often caused by cigarette smoke, but it also can be caused by other environmental factors. The two most common types of lung cancer are small-cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer. Non-small cell lung cancer is the […]


Sleep Study: A Simple Exam Can Lead to a Better Night’s Sleep

PCCMA Lounge

PCCMA’s sleep labs have the comforts of a hotel room. If you are having sleep-related problems, your doctor may recommend that you participate in a sleep study. Diagnosing and treating difficulties with sleep is important because, left untreated, they can lead to other conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease and depression.


PCCMA Opens York Office

PCCMA York Office

Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Associates (PCCMA) has opened an office in York, Pa., expanding its network of locations to three throughout Central Pennsylvania.


Lemoyne: 50 N. 12th Street, Lemoyne, PA 17043
Carlisle: 220 Wilson Street, Suite 104, Carlisle, PA 17013
York: 1750 5th Ave, Suite 300, York, PA 17403

Phone: (717) 234-2561

For medical emergencies, call 911.

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