Bronchoscopy is a procedure that allows your physician to look at your airway through a thin viewing instrument called a bronchoscope

Fiberoptic bronchoscopy is a semi-invasive test, usually done in a hospital or ambulatory surgical center. Under conscious sedation or anesthesia, a flexible endoscope with a bright light and camera is passed through the mouth and is advanced into airways to perform a detailed inspection of the airways.


Common indications to perform bronchoscopy include:

  • Evaluation of lung mass / abnormal CT scan of chest
  • Evaluation of mediastinal adenopathy (enlarged lymph nodes in chest)
  • Hemoptysis (coughing up blood)
  • Evaluation of pneumonia / other infections
  • Removal of foreign body

All physicians at PCCMA perform this procedure at Holy Spirit Hospital and hospitals affiliated with PinnacleHealth.


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