Common in many older adults, sleep disorders may involve problems falling or staying asleep, sleeping too much or abnormal behaviors during sleep. Left untreated, sleep disorders can lead to other conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease and depression.

Penn State Health performs sleep studies at its in-house sleep lab and sleep labs affiliated with UPMC Pinnacle.

We evaluate and treats:

Circadian rhythm disorders (jet lag, shift-related disorders)
Periodic limb movements
REM sleep behavior disorder
Restless leg syndrome
Sleep apnea

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I recently had a sleep study done at PCCMA. Everything went very well for me. Everything  was explained thoroughly ahead of time. I was updated all along the way with my sleep study.
After the sleep study, I was kept informed. My care provider has been nothing shy of great  the entire time. I would highly recommend PCCMA to anyone.
– Nevin
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